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Perry D. Wolfe

3100 Grant Avenue · Apt B-47· Philadelphia, PA 19114

Objectives · Education · · Employment · Technical


To secure a challenging position in the computer- programming and support field where I can fully utilize my extensive experience and broad analytical design and problem-solving skills. I am particularly interested in working in an environment where my creativity can be fully utilized.


West Coast Video
  • Designed, wrote, and implemented the WCV Ultra 1.0 video rental and inventory management system
  • Managed a 6-man software department to support over 300 stores nationwide
  • Maintained and enhanced all WCV corporate accounting and video store software for 11 years

    Professional Buyers Guild

  • Created and implemented interface between insurance CGI-form WebPage and existing policyholder software
  • Maintained and enhanced several on-line subscription e-mail newsletter databases with automatic delivery

    Arbill Glove and Safety Products

  • Created EDI interface between existing sales order system and Federal Express convenience purchase system
  • Created a secured foreign vendor purcahse system within existing purchase order software

    McLean Packaging Corporation

  • Modified Best Mas90™ software to create and email invoices in PDF format to select customers
  • Designed, wrote, implemented and enhanced custom production scheduling software
  • Maintained and enhanced numerous software processes for McLean for over 15 years


    Programmer/Analyst (CompuData, Inc., Philadelphia, PA, 1984-2002): Designed, wrote, implemented, modified, maintained and supported a wide variety of business applications including General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Sales Order, Purchase Order, Payroll, Inventory, Bill Of Materials, Bar-coding, Time Billing, Data Importing/Exporting, Direct Deposit, Magnetic Media, Government Reporting, Video Rental and many others. These applications were mostly for local corporations in diverse fields such as Distribution, Manufacturing, Insurance, Medical Billing, Retail Sales, and others.

    Data Processing Administrator/Programmer (Packard Press Inc., Philadelphia PA, 1982-1984): Created several custom databases and all related user programs to computerize existing publications, such as the Dorland's Medical Directory and the Legal Directory. Oversaw all computerizing, including installation of computer equipment, training and user support.

    Technical Skills

    Programming languages Business Basic (UniBasic / IMS / Providex / BBx), Nomads GUI screen developer, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Java, JavaScript, C, HTML, XML, Perl, CGI, SQL, Cobol, UNIX scripting (KSH/CSH), C-KERMIT, Aspect, and others

    Operating Systems Windows 95/98/2000/NT, UNIX, Microsoft SQL Server 2000, UNIXWARE, DOS, Novell, IRIS and others

    Applications Mas90/Mas200, Genesys, SalesLogix, ACH Direct Deposit, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, ProComm Plus, Kermit-95, ICE-TCP, Terminal Services Client, Citrix Metaframe, WordPerfect, FTP, EA2, X/Y/Zmodem, PCAnywhere, Apache, Sendmail, Daks, Macs, Nixdorf, and many others.


    Cittone Institute for Computer Education, Philadelphia PA
  • Courses: SQL, Visual Basic, Java, HTML, JavaScript, XML, E-commerce, Web Design
  • Director's Elite List for maintaining a 4.0 Grade Point Average
  • Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

  • Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) in Computer Science
  • References

    Professional and personal references are available upon request.

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