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My Name is Perry Wolfe. Welcome to my website!

I am a computer programmer, and a professional musician. My musical life began very early. I began piano lessons at the age of five! I studied classical piano throughout my childhood. I started my first band in Junior High School - Stage Band. My love was Rock 'N Roll - The Beatles, Chicago, Edgar Winter, Yes, Zeppelin and Floyd. I even wrote original songs then!

In high school, I discovered my other love - computers. I joined the Northeast High School Computer Club. There, I learned BASIC programming using nothing but a teletype! I worked long and hard on a Monopoly game program, which worked very well. I learned a great deal from that experience.

I attended Temple University, and graduated in August 1982. After graduation, I hooked up with my friend since Junior High Stage Band - Doug Evans. I joined his band "Blue Pearl" as a trio. We soon became a duo, and played that way for ten years as "The Harmonix" and "The Mix".

During all that time, I was a faithless soul. I got married in 1990. My ex-wife and my brother showed me the word of Jesus in January 1993, after my ex-wife had a near-fatal car crash. I have not been the same since!

In 1995, Doug took me to meet Pastor Albert Douglass at Upper Dublin. We then became a Christian Rock Band, playing every Sunday morning. Our band is called For The Spirit. We have recorded two audio CD's - featuring original Christian music.

I had been working for a Northeast Philadelphia computer company for 18 years. I was laid off in March 2002. I was able to obtain a grant, and I began attending Cittone Institute for Computer Learning. There, I have studied SQL, Java, Visual Basic, JavaScript, HTML, and XML. I am currently on the Director's Elite 4.0 list! I have most recently received a job offer from a very prestigious insurance firm in center city Philadelphia.

I thank God for the opportunity to spread His word through music. I also thank God for my skills as a programmer. And I also want to thank God for my loving wife and daughter.

I pray that I can continue to make a difference in life, in church, at home, and at work.


Since I wrote this in 2002, I have been divorced, and later, remarried. I met the sweetest and smartest lady in the universe - named Sharon. We are living in Suburban Philadelphia, PA. I work for a trucking firm in West Chester PA, and continue to play music in the 'For the Spirit' band at Upper Dublin Lutheran Church. We are working on our 3rd CD now.

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Thank you for visiting my home page.

Special thanks to Richard Huxtable for the great photography with my pictures.